Garden of Champions

Within our “Garden of Champions”, we have many sections, including – Gentle Giants (for larger breeds), Champions, Kitty Kurve, and Mighty Midgets. From the side of “Garden of Companionship” you have a view of the pond. Sitting in the pond is a life sized marble seal from Carrara, Italy.

Upper Gardens

Our Upper Gardens area includes the “Valley of View”, “Garden of Memory”, “Garden of Honor”, Reserve Section and St. Francis Garden.

Olive Tree Gardens

Our Olive Tree Gardens allows for pets of all types and sizes with olive trees bordering one side and native oaks and pines along the other.

St. Francis Garden

In our St. Francis Garden, you may have your pet’s cremated remains scattered over the lawn and surrounding area. Many pet owners choose this when they decide not to keep their pet’s cremated remains.

Foothill Garden

Foothill Garden, named in recognition of over 300 pets re-located from the former Foothill Pet Cemetery, is for smaller pets weighing less than 30 lbs. It is enclosed among a variety of hedges and stately cypress trees.

Memorial Pet Register

One of our most popular features, we invite all pet owners to visit the park where they can see the Memorial Park Register. The base of the monument is dedicated to the pets buried through the Country Burials program.

Garden of the Meadows

Our newest area, this garden hosts a year-round running steam with two ponds featuring fountains.