Nestled in the hills overlooking the Napa Valley is Bubbling Well Pet Memorial Park, founded in 1971 by Cal and Scottie Harberts.

They created Bubbling Well on the site of an old ranch just outside of the city of Napa, a few miles up Atlas Peak Road, above the famous Silverado Country Club.

Cal brought to the partnership his vision and entrepreneurial spirit, and his wife, Scottie -Who knew no strangers- was with him the entire way. They Lived on the property, and even though their house had a “private residence” sign on the door, Scottie greeted and consoled many visitors at the Harberts’ kitchen table, often times serving her famous wine cakes. Through those times, they established many great friendships with pet owners who came to visit their loved ones on a regular basis, and in this way, Cal and Scottie transformed a rocky, working ranch into a beautiful and sacred final resting place. Cal’s youngest son, Dan, was mentored by his father throughout the 80’s and 90’s and assumed operations of Bubbling Well in 2001, when Cal passed away.

With Scottie passing in December of 2017, Dan’s son, David, continues to carry on that tradition with the baton being passed to the next generation in the Harberts Family.

Now into its third generation of family leadership, Bubbling Well continues to be a pioneer in the California pet aftercare industry, complete with one of the most beautiful and recognized pet cemeteries in America. The five tranquil acres atop Atlas Peak in Napa contain the remains and memories of over 20,000 beloved pets, each of whom asked very little in return for their unconditional love and loyalty.