2010 - 2024

Tonight, the skies will light up with the brightest of stars in Heaven as it welcomes home another brand-new Angel. Run free sweet EIN. You were so loved. You were a smart obedient, faithful, loving, and great buddy to Chris and all of us in the family. You always have a smile on your face and always happy to see your friends. You didn’t ask for much in return for the unconditional love you gave, just a soft pet or maybe the dog treat you love. We will miss you the way you showed your gratitude by protecting us, the way you happily waited and greeted Chris behind the door when he comes home. I will miss the way you bark at the sounds of a vacuum machine, a printer and how you follow me around in the morning so happily to keep me company, and your love at the start of the day.
Rest in peace sweet EIN knowing that we will do everything for you. Go make some friends in dog Heaven just like you did on Earth. We love you and miss you forever in our hearts. We all miss you so much.
Love you always, Chris, Pat, Dolly, and Jim