Carmel Apple Mascardo-Hengst

05/24/2000 - 09/19/2017

My beautiful baby girl, Carmel Apple
You sat on my lap and chose me to be your mommy.
I promised to you, I would never leave you behind.
From that day, you stood by my side and protected me from this world.
I gave you a loving home and my heart.
We traveled together and walked endlessly together.
You would always rest your little head on my chest, while I kissed your forehead.
When daddy came into our lives,
He wanted to love you so much,
But you stayed true to form, until you let him inside our world.
Daddy cuddled you in that terry robe every morning,
while you buried your small head underneath his arms.
As the years went by
We kept you safe in our arms,
And held your small paws while you slept at night.
You were always the “Best Carmi”, even until the end.
You were our tough lil’ girl and you fought until it was time to meet Shadow.
You looked into our eyes and we knew it was time for you to go.
I held you in my arms and kissed your sweet little head, until you peacefully fell asleep.
Carmel Apple, you will forever by in our hearts.
Until we meet at the rainbow bridge, you will be truly missed.

Survived by M. Janice Mascardo, Bryan Hengst and Stella Hengst