Memorial Products

Blue Scattering Tube Urn with Paw Prints


Our scattering tube is thoughtfully designed to ease the process of scattering the cremated remains of your companion. The remains will be securely contained within the cardboard tube, without a protective bag, allowing for easy scattering. For larger breeds, the remains may need to be divided among multiple tubes. Please note that personalization options are not available for this urn. Available in Small, Medium, and Large sizes to accommodate your needs.

Please note that the Scattering Tube cannot be personalized.


Small (15cm H x 7.5cm Diameter) Lid 3.5cm Tall

Medium(21.5cm H x 8.5cm Diameter) Lid 3.75cm Tall

Large (24.7cm H x 9.7cm Diameter) Lid 4cm Tall